TAUCTuna Académica da Universidade de Coimbra (Portuguese Universitary musical organization)
TAUCThe Association of Union Constructors
TAUCTransAtlantic Uncertainty Colloquium
TAUCTotal Area under the Curve
TAUCThe American University in Cairo (Egypt; usually seen as AUC)
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(B) Band gap energy ([E.sub.BG]) for Fe_[Zr.sub.(pec)] was calculated through the Tauc method.
The bandgap of the prepared InSe bilayer thin film was calculated using Tauc's relation and is shown in Figure 9.
The optical band-gap [E.sub.g], which is usuallyused to describe the light absorption in amorphous and nanocrystalline semiconductor films [21, 22], was deduced by using the Tauc plot.
Caption: Figure 2: UV-vis absorption spectra (a) and optical absorption spectra (Tauc relation) (b) for QD1 (A), QD2 (B), QD3 (C), and QD4 (D).
Abbreviations IGT: Impaired glucose tolerance IFG: Impaired fasting glucose i-IGT: Isolated impaired glucose tolerance i-IFG: Isolated impaired fasting glucose rAUC: Relative area under the curve iAUC: Incremental area under the curve tAUC: Total area under the curve GLUTag L A GLP-1-secreting cell line (source: glucagoncell model: producing enteroendocrine cell tumor that arose in transgenic mice generated on an outbred CD-1 background [38]).
Optical energygap of these thin films deposited on glass substrate, was calculated from the intercept on energy axis obtained by extrapolating the linear portion of the Tauc plot of [([alpha]hv).sup.2] vs photon energy (hv) as shown in Figure 4.
Tauc, Ed., Amorphous and Liquid Semiconductors, Plenum Press, New York, NY, USA, 1974.
The optical bandgap of semiconductor material can be calculated from the absorption spectra by using Tauc's relation [33]
Figure 6 shows the optical band gap of SPE (maximum conductivity) based on the Tauc plot equation for direct and indirect transitions [23]:
(36.) Tauc, J, Amorphous and Liquid Semiconductors.
En la parte TRES, Kandel relata su estancia en Paris en los anos 1962 y 1963, bajo la direccion de Ladislav Tauc, experto en el estudio electrofisiologico de neuronas del ganglio abdominal de Aplysia.