TAUCHITampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction (University of Tampere Department of Computer Sciences; Finland)
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Tauchi, Takeda, Nakamura, and Takato (2007) found that when participants aligned with tactile arrows as long as 8 inches, they were able to stay within a 10-foot-wide by 30-foot-long path on only 75% of the trials; shorter arrows resulted in poorer accuracy.
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Some radiosensitive cells, such as thymocytes, lymphocytes, and intestinal crypt cells, undergo fast apoptosis without cell division after ionizing radiation, while irradiated mouse leukemia cells undergo a block at G2 and the apoptotic fraction begins to increase on the release from this G2 block (Radford et al., 1994; Tauchi and Sawada, 1994; Merritt et al.
''It is good for major parties to release concrete pledges,'' said middle-aged Satoshi Tauchi last Tuesday in Machida in western Tokyo where Koizumi gave his first campaign speech.
The film tells the story of Chizuko Tauchi, who left her hometown in Kochi Prefecture, western Japan, in 1919 for the Korean Peninsula and remained until her death in 1968.
Commission's Bureau, and Masahino Tauchi (Japan) was elected as
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For example, while several studies (Laroche, Giguere, & Pokier, 1999; Laroche, Leroux, Giguere, & Poirier, 2000; Tauchi, Sawai, Takato, Yoshiura, & Takeuchi, 1998) found that alternating signals result in greater accuracy in crossing than do simultaneous signals, a similar study (Wall, Ashmead, Bentzen, & Barlow, 2004) did not confirm this effect.
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