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TAUTTheatre Arts University Theatre (Virginia Tech)
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As mentioned earlier, this category refers to the tile making equipment that employs the principle whereby the taut wires are meant to move while the clay block is stationary in the process of producing the tiles.
Taut was set up two and a half years ago and has grown into a 1.
The more taut he band, the higher the frequency of its vibrations.
for only there, in taut accretions, might the moon, in all its/octaves, come to/quaver.
Even as the string is stretched taut between the one who will gently toss the kite into the wind and the one holding the reel, excitement seems to travel down the line.
In pieces like Traditional Challenge/Hand Game, Fa'a Ulutao, and Minoi, the men, whose taut musculature is suited to highly athletic movement, explode into combative, rhythmic patterns using chants, song, and movement shot through with warlike zeal.
Mong the way, Buffer presents a tale with mystery, suspense and taut storytelling that also challenges assumptions about gender, sexuality and relationships between the powerful and the weak.
some leather-clad and stretched taut by hooks--evoked Dr.
This is a taut thriller in which the grounds for torture, rape and murder is Nazism.
You stretch your choice of fabric (the kit comes with a tea towel) on the hoop, making it taut.
Garrin Benfield, Where Joy Kills Sorrow (September 28): Benfield's known for taut roots-rock strums, but this latest recording takes a foray into lush guitar lines and string arrangements.