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TAUTTheatre Arts University Theatre (Virginia Tech)
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As mentioned earlier, this category refers to the tile making equipment that employs the principle whereby the taut wires are meant to move while the clay block is stationary in the process of producing the tiles.
Barr, best-known for making Irn Bru and Tizer, will pay a nominal pounds 1 for Taut, which made losses of pounds 1.3min2006 and recorded sales of pounds 1m last year.
This house by Rick Joy is the latest in a series of dwellings in the desert of the American Southwest that poetically synthesise rationalist forms, luscious Hispanic colour, a craft-based approach to building and an astute delight in the potential of materials (concrete, adobe, oxidised steel, taut skins of frameless glass).
A taut, fast-paced narrative brimming with edge-of-seat excitement.
A comedy of errors held together with taut suspense and biting dialogue, My Magic Square is a delicious pleasure from beginning to end.
Pull on one rubber band to make it more taut. Pluck the band and listen to the pitch.
for only there, in taut accretions, might the moon, in all its/octaves, come to/quaver.
Even as the string is stretched taut between the one who will gently toss the kite into the wind and the one holding the reel, excitement seems to travel down the line.
In pieces like Traditional Challenge/Hand Game, Fa'a Ulutao, and Minoi, the men, whose taut musculature is suited to highly athletic movement, explode into combative, rhythmic patterns using chants, song, and movement shot through with warlike zeal.
Mong the way, Buffer presents a tale with mystery, suspense and taut storytelling that also challenges assumptions about gender, sexuality and relationships between the powerful and the weak.