TAVETAMDAR (Tropospheric Airborne Meteorological Data Reporting) Aeribago Validation Experiment
TAVEThor-Agena Vibration Experiment
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"Tave" refers to daily average temperature bins (in 1[degrees]C steps between +6[degrees]C and -6[degrees]C); "#rain" refers to total number of rain-only events; "#snow" lists total number of heavy precipitation events with more than trace of snow; "%snow" gives percentage of the snowy days to total count [#snow*100/(#rain+#snow)]; "<S/R>" refers to total amount of snow divided by total amount of precipitation in each temperature bin; and "%6+:1" refers to percentage of snowy days with snow:rain ratio of 6:1 or higher.
"We may not like Emma," Stuart Tave observes, "but if she causes us discomfort it is because we cannot disown kinship with her" (210).
(3.) Trilling, Beyond Culture, 49; Tave, Some Words of Jane Austen (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1973), 252, 255.
Further data analysis in Figure 8 shows that after the mist is taken into impinging cooling chamber the value of Tave has a decreased range from 0.19 K to 26.86 K compared with the situation without mist.
The new ideas of Addison and Steele in the early eighteenth century about how satire should be prosecuted delimited a conceptual space for the creation of new comic character types, a process admirably traced by Stuart Tave. (7) In addition, the benevolent motivation required to create an amiable satirist encouraged discriminating any comic laughter aimed at a butt into two kinds: one that ridicules vice and folly; one that tolerates and humors odd foibles or eccentricities.
We waited in the shadows, and when the cop left Tave decided to try his luck.
Our initial evaluation of the MERRA temperatures was based on a comparison of the MERRA 2-meter daily average (Tave), daily maximum (Tmax), and daily minimum (Tmin) temperatures with the corresponding 2-meter surface observations obtained from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) Global Summary of the Day (GSOD) files (NCDC 2003).
There are enough fine old ta ta ta ta tave ve ve vern rn rns to to to m k ak ak ake a trip worthwhile taverns to make a trip worthwhile at any time of year.
Rubai 2: With all vowels (including 19 E's) Be fore the phantom of False morning die d, Me thought a Voice within the Tave rn crie d, "Whe n all the Te mple is pre pared within, "Why nods the drowsy Worshippe r outside ?" Rubai 2: Without E As first that phantom of Hoax morning cast, I thought a Sound within that bar, a blast, "If all our Church is now so straight within, Why nods that drowsy man who prays at last?" Rubai 3: With all vowels (including 2 I's) And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before The Tavern shouted--"Open then the Door!