TAVLIToronto Association of Visual Language Interpreters
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Savdan M, Cakir M, Vatansev H, Kucukkartallar T, Tekin A, Tavli S.
Tenders are invited for Constructing Karod Mohini Tavli Road Km 0/0 To 23/00 Sec.
Savas Demirpence (1), Banu Ince Demirpence (2), Timur Mese (3), Sertac Arslanoglu (4), Vedide Tavli (5), Sebnem Calkavur (4), Ozgur Olukman (4), Ali Riza Firuzan (6)
Tenders are invited for Tsp 2014-15 Constructing Fulumaran Tavli Road (Box Culvert ) Km.
Tenders are invited for Constructing Slab Drain,Box Culvert & Approaches On Karod To Tavli Road Ta Uchchhal Dist Tapi Km 0/0 To 12/00 Sec.
The emphasis -- asin the Farmers Market -- is on quality, the exhibitors bringing authentic craftsmanship to the event: everything from beautiful handmade tavli sets to handcrafted walking sticks, aromatic herbal soaps to exquisite examples of weaving, handbags made from recycled denim and rocking horses carved from gorgeous woods.
I never had any problem with the municipality or CTO before, but now they come and book me for putting tables outside the ice-cream shop, or complain about the smoke from the nargile or the noise made by people playing tavli (backgammon).
Nihat Madak, Yunus Nazli *, Haluk Mergen **, Suleyman Aysel, Muhammet Kandaz, Ekrem Yanik [1], Demet Cekdemir ***, Talat Tavli
This why his son Nicholas, who has made a name for himself attacking the squandering of money by the Tof government, passionately supports the wasting of [euro]120 million on Kikis' expensive tavli substitute.