TAVOTubinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients (German: Tubinger Atlas of the Middle East; University of Tubingen)
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TRIFECTA is an investigator-initiated, single-arm, open-label clinical trial in which 35 evaluable unresectable squamous cell carcinoma head and neck cancer patients will receive TAVO, pembrolizumab, and epacadostat.
Spalletti, who was born in Cappelle sul Tavo, and has lived and worked within 5 km of the small hill town ever since, has spent his 40-year career experimenting, refining, and creating alchemy with combinations of these colours.
Specifically, OFAC designated Agricola Boreal, Agricola Tavo, Desarrollo Agricola Organico, Desarrollo Agricola Verde de Sayula, Asesores Turisticos, Step Latinamedica, and Status Administrativo as Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (Kingpin Act).
Tokiais isiverzimais i viesaja erdve [tradicinio] graffiti politika pretenduoja tapti tapatumo politika, kurios tikslas--bevardzius kitus atkreipti i tave demesi ir isiminti tavo varda" (Tonkiss 2011: 142).
"The production team at Tavo Theatre Company all share a common Eastern European background so we're excited about giving theatre-goers here a taste of our cultural heritage.
That was the summer her pachuco cousin, Tavo, was found dead of a heroin overdose in the park.
Arklio (pa) kinkymas uzima daug laiko ir yra gaislus, ikyrus dalykas Suv.; Tavo kinkymas--kaip mazo vaiko Tl.--Tus kinkymus [pakinktus] kuoznas pats baveik jau turejo moketi [pasidaryti], koznas ukininkas pats pasidirbo [pasidirbdavo] Krt.
--etiniu imperatyvu: "suteik kitiems, atsidurusiems tavo konstrukcijose, ta pacia autonomija, kuria tu naudojiesi juos kurdamas" (Krippendorff 1989: 88);
The players include Tavo Hellmund, a former Formula One driver who grew up in Austin - and the investors Red McCombs, a generous contributor to her political accounts, and Bobby Epstein.
Heading the line-up of teams competing in Dubai are the reigning Rugby World Cup Sevens champions Australia, who will be led by captain Rebecca Tavo, while providing competition will be the likes of England, Canada, US and South Africa.