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TAWASTyne and Wear Autistic Society (UK)
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Jinggoy went back to his province to re-experience the rituals first-hand, watching the faith-healer perform the tawas reading again.
The 1876 Tawas Point Lighthouse is a well-known landmark in Tawas Point State Park, attracting visitors from all over the world.
A highly anticipated match tip between rivals Tawas and the Alcona Tigers was to determine a play-off spot for one of the two teams.
Many communities even coughed up financial incentives to attract Wal-Mart--and still do, like a vote last month in little Tawas City, Mich.
Henry Site, near East Tawas, Baldwin Township, Sec.
Tawas Crystal is 100 per cent natural and, applied just once daily, gives you 24-hour protection against body odour.
Delphi is already producing pre-production six-layer test tanks for several OEM customers at Tawas Industries in Oscoda, Mich.
Freeway planning has been divided into three phases, Phase I consists of the area from M-13 at Standish to M-55 at Tawas, and the required final Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is nearing completion.
Mattioli, a retired commander of the Michigan State Police East Tawas Post, now works in private industry.
Whittemore, pioneer lumberman in the Tawas area and founder of Tawas City, demonstrated the hazards that faced the inexperienced operator who did not possess the business acumen that eventually enabled Crapo to succeed.