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TAWKTalking as A Way of Knowing (Natick, MA; nonverbal learning disorders support group)
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But since 1998, Tawk's group has planted 100,000 trees in a patchwork of disconnected lands around the old reserve.
That weed have a better wurld if everybody cood tawk and rite and say and doo anything they want, and rools be dammed.
The secretary of the Maronite Patriarchate (Lebanon), Monsignor Youssef Tawk, told reporters that "the bishops hope Lebanon's President and its officials would be able to carry out their national duties." He added, "The government should make efforts in an attempt to pull itself out of the current problematic situation which is thwarting the cabinet's efforts to come up with the 2010 state budget."
Bashir Tawk, acting consul general of Lebanon, hails from a country that is geographically small hut with a well-populated diaspora and a successful emigre business class.
What Eugene Gant saw as "the barren spiritual wilderness, the hostile and murderous entrenchment against all new life" of Southerners on the whole (Look 155) is evidenced in the constant repetition of unimportant information--one man, as he steps into the drugstore, reports another's hackneyed joke about Sherman (Hound 82), and when the soda jerker promises to "fix [him] up" with a Coca-Cola, he replies "That's the kind of tawk I like to hear" (83).
Hailing from Scarsdale, N.Y., Linda would provide a random topic to her audience and ask them (in perfect New York accent) to "tawk amongst yourselves."
Bob's ads for BT in the 1980s and 1990s were famous for his catchphrase: "It's good ter tawk".
Tother coms thr'over t'top aw rek'n!Tha mun't rek'n all 'funny tawk' is Yorkshire dialect!
Also I engaged in speculative trading, not 'just tawk,' which was rare for quants since they were prevented from 'taking risks,' their role being confined to analysis, not decision making" (p.
My companion opted for Shish Tawk, generous cubes of chicken fillet marinated in garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and char-grilled, served with salad and grilled tomatoes, onions and green and red peppers.
Cardboard boxes take me to hot, flat places where people say "howdy" and ask me, "Where'd you git yer tawk?" They take me to leafy glens where I strain to comprehend that in that very spot, more than 100 years ago, Civil War soldiers fought and died.
You say you want to know what New Yawk Tawk might be most difficult for new arrivals, and I'm assuming you mean most difficult to understand rather than to master.