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Taxon Biosciences' assets, including a large microbial collection and product candidate pipeline, will be integrated into Lavie's pipeline, accelerating Lavie's biology driven design approach and its product development.
mosseae's range expansion and global distribution is attributed to agriculture, Rhizophagus irregularis, another taxon that is often used in studies is also observed to be over-represented in agricultural soils with high clay content (Mathimaran et al, 2005).
luisana que es un taxon restringido al Valle de Tehuacan-Cuicatlan, Puebla y Oaxaca, y solo se establece en climas secos (Martinez-Bernal & Grether, 2006).
Por preparacion, se observaron 20 foliolos, haciendo un total de 200 foliolos por taxon. De los 24 taxa, se observaron 4800 foliolos en total.
Members of the class Ascidiacea were not considered in this study because this taxon was excluded during the first years of sampling.
Analysis of the validity of the turtle taxon defined by Seeley (1869) in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation of Ely (England)
Every taxon of Tilia is attributed to the respective plant hardiness zone (Page and Olds, 1997) (Fig.
References are also provided, along with a full blank lined page for notes on each taxon.
(2004), although supportive of the usage of biodiversity surrogates, found that no single taxon (or higher level grouping of taxa) was an accurate representation of all other groups of taxa.