TAXUDTaxation and Customs Union Directorate-General (European Commission)
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Robert Verrue, currently director-general of DG TAXUD, is transferred to the function of director-general of DG EMPL as of 1 June 2009
Michel Aujean, former director of DG TAXUD, is trying to develop it today at Franco-Belgian level in the Eurodistrict that encompasses the cities of Lille, Tournai and Kortrijk, with support from local economic powers that be.
Quantity or scope: This contract is for the completion of a review to be presented to both TAXUD and DG COMP, will in particular aim: to measure the performance of the tax scheme on rum; to assess its contribution to offset the handicaps of remoteness, and identified additional costs; assess the contribution of the device local.
Barroso and Ashton are also responding to the opposition of DG TAXUD to the inclusion in the FTA of the so-called duty drawback system.
While DG TAXUD has been adamantly opposed to this scheme, it was reluctantly accepted by DG Trade, under intense pressure from Seoul.
Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs, in charge of taxation and customs, along with the services of DG TAXUD also remain adamantly opposed to a deal that would authorise South Korea to use the so-called duty drawback' scheme, which would allow import tariffs to be returned to companies that use imported materials to make products for export.
We are moving from controls on transactions to controls based on common systems that independent operators would implement," added Commission Director-General Robert Verrue from TAXUD.