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TAYKTurkiye Acikdeniz Yaris Kulubu (Turkish: Turkish Offshore Racing Club; Turkey)
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Having each ordered burger and chips - no differences between us there - we were gearing up for our exit when the barmaid came over to collect glasses, at which point one of our guests piped up with: "Ere you 'ar, while yorr on yorr feet, tayk viss wiv ya," and pushed his empty plate towards her.
En medio de ellas, el patron atiende con trago caliente pidiendo qaman tayk ch'alltanani, "chaltaremos, por favor, la madre casa".
The four honorific categories exhibited in (2) are as follows: the deferential honorific title -nim (Sohn 1994: 289), the honorific lexical item for 'house,' tayk, the verbal infix -si-, and finally, the deferential verbal suffix -(s) upnita.