TAYSTampereen Yliopistollinen Sairaala (Tampere Universitial Hospital)
TAYSTred Avon Yacht Sales (Oxford, MD)
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I wonna ha' no tay. I carena if I ne'er ate nor drink no more.
An' Seth, why donna ye get her some tay? Ye war in a hurry to get some for me, as had no need, but ye donna think o' gettin'
But now, do ye make the tay as ye like it, for I'n got no taste i' my mouth this day--it's all one what I swaller--it's all got the taste o' sorrow wi't."
Andrew's, and along the banks of the Tay, to Perth, where our friend expected us.
Go inside, an' dhrink tay out av chiny in the drrrrawin'-room, an' thin we'll dhrink like Christians undher the tree here.
"Well, I suppose you'll want a dish o' tay, or victuals of some sort, hey?
'We do not say Ozer; we say Other: the letters are "T" and "H;" You say Tay and Aish, You Know; (still with clemency).
It wasn't until the death of his mother, whose funeral drew a mass of mourners who testified to her good deeds, that Tony Tay realized how much she had given of herself despite her poverty.
Resolved to THE FAMOUS TAY WHALE (An extract) By William McGonagall
The pragmatic and phenomenological approach to agency and our case study of Tay continue this line of research.