TAZARATanzania Zambia Railways
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Chinese involvement in TAZARA started in summer 1965, when then Chinese premier Zhou Enlai submitted an offer to then Tanzanian president Nyerere to construct the railway.
To emphasise the importance of the Tazara railway, which is widely viewed as China's gift to Africa, Xi is to visit Gongo la Mboto cemetery, where Chinese workers who died during its construction are buried.
Jamie Monson in Making a world shows how the PRC courted Africa in the 1960s and 1970s through projects such as the building of the TAZARA Railway--connecting Tanzania and Zambia, formerly Tanganyika and Northern Rhodesia--from 1968 to 1986.
@mtage @iUwesu @Mbergsma #bombsindar go to national stadium, tazara or unicef offices..food,water,blankets,tents, clothes needed (9)
--(2006) 'Defending the people's railway in the era of liberalization: TAZARA in southern Tanzania', Africa 76 (1): 113-30.
197), and later to help construct the 1,060-mile TAZARA railway project through landlocked Zambia, then dependent for international trade upon Rhodesia and South Africa, and Tanzania, to its major port at Dares Salaam.
China built the Tazara railway between Zambia and TanzaniaOs main port of Dar es Salaam, and Chinese construction firms are expected to submit bids just as soon as the participating countries are ready to go ahead from the planning into the pre-construction phase.
Babu's relationship with the Chinese leadership made it possible to negotiate the construction by China of the historic Tanzania/Zambia Railways (TAZARA).
"Tazara--the Iron Path to Freedom," documentary on the Tazara railway in Tanzania, which connects a colorful mosaic of tropical forests, glistening lakes and mountains, and makes a decisive contribution to the region's economy; 30 min.
For example, Zambian senior managers in the Tazara Railway Corporation joint venture performed relatively well, while serving the Zambia Railways Corporation they did not.
These construction works involved the Tanzania-Zambia (TaZaRa) railway and the TanZam road.