TB MEDTechnical Bulletin (Medical)
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(4) TB MED 577, Sanitary Control and Surveillance of Field Water Supplies, 1 May 2010, p.
However, like TB MED 575, the MAHC does not address nonrecirculating splash pads.
In addition to TB MED 575 and the MACH, military installations must comply with Executive Order 131239 when installing splash pads.
TB MED 4 (1) is the governing Department of Defense (DoD) regulation that establishes the processes necessary to maintain human-animal bond programs, animal visitation, animal-assisted activities, and animal-assisted therapy.
Topics included (a) optimizing the use of dogs in the combat and operational stress control teams in Iraq; (b) moving forward with research opportunities at WRAMC and the Europe Regional Medical Command; (c) potential use of dogs in Warrior Transition Units; (d) development of a MEDCOM-wide policy and updating a number of animal policies, including DoD TB MED 4, (1) WRAMC facility policy, and the combat and operational stress control policy; (e) various models which may be helpful; (f) visiting animal-assisted activities program/facilities, and (g) the importance of clarifying the diverse use of dogs (service, animal-assisted therapy, and animal-assisted activities).
Following the OTSG/VETCOM tour of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in May 2010, there was discussion initiated by WRAMC on whether or not to move forward with development of an Army-wide MEDCOM dog policy, or direct efforts towards the revision of DoD TB MED 4, (1) lead by VETCOM.
For more information on disposing gray water, see FM 4-25.12, Unit Field Sanitation Team, and TB MED 593, Guidelines for Field Waste Management.
Para 4-43 of TB MED 530, Occupational and Environmental Health Food Sanitation, also lists the temperatures.