TB1Terminal Block One
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(14) See Walsh et al., How Long to Prosecute Child Sexual Abuse, supra note 13, at 7, 8 tb1.2.
In the screening section, three groups of individuals were recruited, including 50 cases of active TB (TB1 group), 31 non-TB control patients (NTP1 group), and 36 healthy individuals (HC group).
En este trabajo se analizan los restos humanos provenientes de cuatro sitios: Cantera de Rodados Villalonga (CRV) y Tres Bonetes 1-coleccion Donnay (TB1), se ubican en inmediaciones de la costa Atlantica; mientras que La Modesta (LMO) y Loma de Los Morteros (LLM) se encuentran en el interior.
Prices start from TB1,100,000 ($33,533++) for two people excluding tax and service.
For t = 1, ..., T, where DU[1.sub.t] = 1, if t > TB1 and 0 otherwise; DU[2.sub.t] = 1 if t > TB2 and 0 otherwise; DT[1.sub.t] = t--TB1 if t > TB1 and 0 otherwise; and DT[2.sub.t] = t--TB2 if t > TB2 and 0 otherwise.
CONGRESSIONAL ELECTIONS AND THE AMERICAN ELECTORATE: 1974-2014 6 tb1. 2 (July 2015), https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/Iibrary/publications/2015/demo/p20-577.pdf.
Expression of gtl, which encodes a Class I homeodomainleucine zipper (HD-Zip) transcription factor, is controlled by TB1 (Whipple et al, 2011) but it is not clear whether gtl is a direct or indirect target of TB1 activity.
Dans les abreges Tb1, Tb2, Tb3, on peut lire les mentions medievales en <<-anum>> imaginees par les administrateurs, probablement au IXe s.
The underdiagnosis rates were 46%, 13%, and 20% for MRI stages T0, Tb1, and T2a, respectively.
BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, CRIME IN THE UNITED STATES 2004: UNIFORM CRIME REPORTS 86 tb1.5 (2004), https://www2.fbi.gov/ucr/cius_04/documents/CIUS_2004_Section2.pdf, with FED.
(126) See STITH & CABRANES, supra note 95, at 63 tb1.1 (demonstrating that the seven years after the Guidelines have seen markedly longer sentences than did the nine years prior).