TBABTetrabutylammonium Bromide
TBABTryptose Blood Agar Base
TBABTrickle-Bed Air Biofilter (biomedical engineering)
TBABToeristisch Bureau Altena Biesbosch (Dutch tourist office)
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Five g of purified MAC was suspended in 500 mL of 10 mmol/L SDS and TBAB solution with stirring at 25[degrees]C for 10 h.
0.5 g DMDBS was fully dissolved in 25 mL DMF in a 50-mL three-necked flask under 70[degrees]C, and then 0.14 g NaOH and 0.023 g TBAB were added.
Briefly, [alpha]-Bromotolunitrile (500 mg, 2.55 mmol) was dissolved in acetone (50 mL) and then 1,2,4-triazole sodium (464 mg, 5.01 mol) and TBAB (10mol%) were added to the solution under constant stirring.
* TRAb may rarely be detected in SCH and typically consists of greater proportion of blocking antibodies (TBAb) than stimulating ones (TSAb).
Thyroid blocking antibodies (TBAb) can also be present during the course of GD.
Abbreviations GD --Graves' disease TSH --thyroid-stimulation hormone TRAb --TSH receptor antibodies MTT --thyroid suppressive therapy ROC --Receiver Operating Characteristic curve MMD --minimum maintenance dose TSAb --thyroid stimulating antibody TBAb --thyroid blocking antibody Rad je primljen 14.
In the area of air conditioning, the tetra-n-butyl-ammonium bromide (TBAB) clathrate hydrate slurry (CHS) is a promising high-density latent-heat carrying medium.
Selection of best electrolyte Three electrolytes namely, TEAI, TMAB and tetra butyl ammonium bromide (TBAB) were used to choose the best electrolyte for phthalate response using DPP (Fig.
Vanderbilt propylpyridine (DDPP) (Vanax 808HP) Mastermix MB-4988-50% Excel Polymers active (TBAB MB50) TOTM HallStar AgeRite Resin D R.T.
Ridden by Brett Doyle, the filly is never in trouble and comes home at 14 to 1, three and a half lengths clear of Clive Brittain's lightly-raced Tbab (B Raymond) also at 14's with Dominuet (R Fox) 40 to 1 a short head away in third.
Brett Doyle) sets a track record when she wins the Ayr Gold Cup from Tbab.
Cell suspensions were plated onto TBAB (Tryptose Blood Agar Base, Difco) and emergent colonies were streaked for isolation three times.