TBABTetrabutylammonium Bromide
TBABTryptose Blood Agar Base
TBABTrickle-Bed Air Biofilter (biomedical engineering)
TBABToeristisch Bureau Altena Biesbosch (Dutch tourist office)
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Effects of molar ratio of ATA and TBAB to MAn grafting on the IIR chain on the final (equilibrium) conversions ([X.
The degree of conversion of MAn to the amideacid group that directly effects on degree of crosslinking is dependent of the molar ratio of ATA and TBAB to MAn grating onto the HR chain.
Sample The molar ratio The molar ratio number of ATA to MAn of TBAB to MAn 1# 1eq 0.
In this article, the TBAB CHS flow in horizontal tubes was experimentally researched.
A flat-plate heat exchanger was used to produce the CHS by chilling the TBAB solution.
There are two types of clathrate hydrate crystal, type A and type 13, produced from the TBAB aqueous solution of the initial concentration equal to 30.
The critical velocity could be calculated from the definition of critical Re of the TBAB solution.
The rheological properties of the TBAB CHS are studied by analyzing the relationship between the shear stress on tube wall [[tau].
Synergistic effect of TBAB with NOBS is evident from the optimum cure time (Tc90) of mix H.
It is evident from the cure characteristics of mixes A-D that the process safety of TBAB is less only in a presence of NOBS.
Although percent elongation at break reduces for the mixes containing TBAB, other physical properties viz.
Since both of these observations are quite different for TEBA and TBAB, it can be concluded that the presence of a free stearate ion is an important parameter for determining accelerator activity of quaternary ammonium salts.