TBAFThe Bubel/Aiken Foundation
TBAFTetra-n-butylammonium fluoride
TBAFTampa Bay Advertising Federation (Tampa Bay, FL)
TBAFT-Bill Accrual Factor (investment appreciation)
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The answer came in the form of an inspired parent who contacted TBAF about the possibility of a book that had been written by some children who had been in her daughter's class.
Prior to discovering the book and deciding to sponsor and distribute it, the main focus of TBAF has been implementing its summer camp initiative.
TBAF sites examples of how the inclusive experience at camp has changed children's lives:
A trained TBAF volunteer helped out when she concluded he might like taking pictures instead of posing for them.
What TBAF has proven is that its model can work for all programs and all children.
In addition to creating the model for inclusive recreational programs, TBAF continues to expand its horizons.
TBAF has also been on the receiving end of grant monies.
Another element TBAF looks to support is parent advocacy.
For moisture curable coatings, catalyst solution (50 mmol solution of TBAF in THF) was mixed with the copolymer solution at a concentration of 10 wt% based on copolymer solids.