TBAHTetrabutylammonium Hydroxide
TBAHTetrabutylammonium Hexafluorophosphate
TBAHTennessee Baptist Adult Homes
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Clinicians at TBAH make use of both intravenous pulse and oral regimens of CPM for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.
A retrospective cohort study was conducted at TBAH to compare patients treated with DOC with those who were treated with PIVC.
Moreover, we also examined the potentiometric titrations of the synthesized compounds 3a-i with TBAH in four non-aqueous solvents (isopropyl alcohol, t-butyl alcohol, N,N- dimethylformamide, acetonitrile) to determine the corresponding HNP and the corresponding pKa values.
In the study, compounds 3a-i were titrated potentiometrically with TBAH in isopropyl alcohol, t-butyl alcohol, acetonitrile and N,N-dimethyl formamide.
A continuacion se anade 50 mL del agente derivatizante (TBAH 0,8 M en metanol o KOH 0,1 M en metanol), manteniendose la agitacion durante 15 min.
Se anaden 50 roL del agente derivatizante (TBAH 0,8 M en metanol o KOH 0,1 M en metanol), y se continua la agitacion durante 15 min, garantizando la saponificacion de todo el Tinuvin 622 contenido en la muestra.
The study of the capacity factors of As(III), DMA, MMA, and As(V) as a function of the TBAH concentrations at neutral pH showed that the separation between DMA and the MMA is better at lower TBAH concentrations.
The selected working mobile phase contained 3 mmol/L TBAH in aqueous solution at pH 8.
If surveillance mammography after a cancer diagnosis is included, about three-quarters of all mammographies in similar centres to TBAH will be done on asymptomatic women.
Despite this, the cancer diagnosis rate in our TBAH series is as high as in known high-incidence populations.
ECH (92.50 g, 1 mol), TBAHS (4.0 g), and FAL (98.18 g, 1 mol) were charged into a 250-mL four-necked-round flask.
Two millilitres of 0.25 M [Na.suB.2][CO.sub.3] and one liter of 0.5 M TBAHS were added to 0.5 mL of serum and then extracted twice with MTBE.