TBALTo Be Announced Later
TBALThe Bristol Art Library (est. 1998; UK)
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2 ( ANI ): Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited (TBAL), a joint venture between Boeing and Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL), inaugurated its state-of-the-art facility in Telangana's Hyderabad city for the manufacture of fuselages for Boeing's AH-64 Apache helicopter.
TBAL, Boeing's first equity joint venture in the country, is the result of a 2015 partnership agreement with TASL.
Pratyush Kumar, president, Boeing India, said TBAL is just the beginning of Boeing's future journey of partnership with India.
Fourth, code the Tbal. Make a column next to the account balances and enter Out' of the codes/hooks that you want to use to obtain the subtotals in the balance sheet.
The coefficient on FE[(Tbal).sub.t-1] is negative for the pre-1994 period, but again not statistically significant.
Attention and action correlation coefficients, 1984-93 ATTENTION ACTION TARIFF(a) 0.10(*) -0.01 STNDTAR -0.09 -0.07 XRESID 0.10(*) -0.01 INVRESID -0.00 0.04 GDP 0.63(***) 0.49(***) GDPGROWTH -0.03 -0.01 TBAL -0.67(***) -0.33(***) EXPORT 0.57(***) 0.40(***) FDI 0.43(***) 0.39(***) IIT 0.12(**) 0.10(*) a Definitions: TARIFF = average percentage tariff; STNDTAR = standard deviation of tariffs; XRESID = residuals from Table 2 export regression (in $millions); INVRESID = residuals from Table 2 investment regression (in $million); GDP = gross domestic product (in $millions); GDPGROWTH = growth rate of GDP; TBAL = trade balances (in $millions); EXPORT = U.S.
In the first regression (4.1), ATTENTION was regressed against the explicit trade barrier variables (TARIFF and STNDTAR), market size (GDP) and growth (GDPGROWTH), the trade balance (TBAL), intra-industry trade (IIT), and the levels of exports (EXPORT) and U.S.
Our VAR system employs the five variables suggested by the two theoretical frameworks: GPURCH, GBAL, TBAL, IRATE, and ERATE.
TABLE I Stationarity Tests for Individual Series Augmented Dickey-Fuller Tests Variable Levels First Differences GBAL (constructed) -2.702 -5.432(***) GBAL (NIPA) -2.162 -5.133(***) IRATE -2.391 -5.811(***) ERATE -2.132 @(**) -3.816(***) TBAL -1.554 -3.948(***) G PURCH -1.853 -4.043(***) The numbers above are augmented Dickey-Fuller statistics, including four lags of the (differenced) dependent variable and a constant.
Danish Airlaid Technology produces a broad palette of thermal bonded airlaid (TBAL) offerings used in a variety of areas where there is a requirement for liquid absorption.
Dan-Web's bonding techniques vary from thermal bonding (TBAL) via hydrogen bonding (HBAL/XBAL) to latex bonding (LBAL).
Several bonding processes are used for nonwovens made of pulp fibers including thermal bonding (TBAL: thermal bonded airlaid), binder bonding (LBAL: latex bonded airlaid), combined bonding (MBAL: multibonded airlaid) and spunlace bonding (SBAL: spunlace bonded airlaid).