TBANTechnology Business Alliance of Nevada (Las Vegas, NV)
TBANTo Be Announced
TBANTampa Bay AIDS Network (Tampa, FL)
TBANTurkey Business Angel Network
TBANTampa Bay Association of Neighborhoods (Tampa Bay, FL)
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SAN DIEGO - Jesuits are circulating widely in more ways tban one - on money and stamps.
Over all the earth there was a net of invisible threads binding soul to soul, threads stronger than life, stronger tban death; but in all that net not one tendril stretched out to him.(97)
The result of the county assessor's system was assessments of recently sold properties from eigbt to 35 times higber tban those of comparable neighboring properties.
Iiis new book, an extremely long and detailed narrative of strikes andlabor activism from the 1870s to the 1920s, is easier to describe tban to explain.
Although Gilkeson provides very useful data on the occupations, property, and religion of members of several antebellum Providence reform societies, he does not show that their members were relatively less disposed toward state action tban other citizens, tbat people in middle-class occupations were more likely to organize than other classes, or that members of reform societies were recent migrants to tbe city or bad fewer kinship or familial ties than the average citizen.
Passing reference to bankers and insurance brokers can account for the Fed's privileged political position only if we can take such reference to mean that they have easier access to political power tban the majority of businesspeople because they control greater economic resources.
More, perhaps, tban any other scholar in the field, Michie bas the ability, energy, and concern to make an important contribution to our knowledge of comparative financial markets.
For his part, Edward Hyde Greg took more out of tbe business tban be put into it.
Some indication of the magnitude of this advantage can be discerned from the fact that the volume of Ashington's coastal cargoes and bunkers increased by no less tban 754 percent between 1913 and 1938, such shipments rising from 8 to 58 percent of the firm's sales.
Americans invested mucb more capital in Poland tban in any other Central or East European country before the Depression.