TBARTool Bar
TBARThiobarbituric Acid-Reactive
TBARTrue Blue Animal Rescue (Brenham, TX)
TBARTwin Buttes Alpaca Ranch (Miles, TX)
TBARThat Boy Ain't Right
TBARThrow Book Across Room
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g-radiation, Adenosine, oxidative stress, reactive oxygen species, antioxidant, superoxide dismutase, glutathione, CPK, LDH, Xanthine oxidase, TBARS.
TBARS: TBARS is a measurement of lipid peroxidation.
Moisture content, L* values, pH and TBARS values were nominal throughout the 28 days of storage.
The amounts of TBARS were expressed as mg of malondialdehyde per g of meat.
The aim of this research was to determine levels of thiobarbituric acid reactive substance (TBARS) in blood of pregnant women with pregnancy induced hypertension and to analyze the correlation of TBARS parameters with clinical parameters during pregnancy and delivery in pregnancies with pregnancy induced hypertension.
01) increase in the brain tissue TBARS content, an index of lipid peroxidation, as compared with the normal control group.