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TBARSThiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances
TBARSTiberium-Based Armor Reinforcement Substance
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Figure 1 shows the effect of different phyto-extracts on TBARS values of pork frankfurters during 20 days refrigerated storage.
content * * * P-5-CS activity * * * GfH activity * * * Proline content * * * ProfH activity ns * * TBARS ns no significant differences.
The TBARS values of meat samples resulting from the interactive effects of antioxidant treatments and state of meat were shown in Table 4.
The concentration of TBARS in breast cancer patients was significantly elevated than that of the healthy subjects.
The simple assay of TBARS and CDs has been seriously criticized and is not recommended for in vivo detection of LPO products, whereas improved methods using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) purification steps are more reliable assays of TBARS (Halliwell and Whiteman 2004).
Dietary [alpha]-tocopherol level influenced lipid oxidation, as demonstrated by TBARS results (Table 4).
Since the studies may give variable results, we used TBARS which seems to have consistent and reproducible results for the calculation of power.
TBARS are laboratory markers for oxidative stress in the body.
PV values and TBARS for all treatments were lower (P<0.
However, an increased content of the TBARS was detected in hearts from both the 24 and 36-week trained and sedentary control rats when compared with their corresponding 12-week groups (p<0.
The percentage changes in mean blood pressure, plasma TBARS, and PCOOH concentrations, comparing the end to the start in ordinary vs light-shielded HD, were calculated and analyzed by the paired t-test.