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One minor problem with the volume is that it is sometimes difficult to navigate, since all sites are ordered according to the TBAS site numbers and no index of the site names is provided.
First, participants responded to the 41-item TBAS (Ross et al.
Specifically, those attributes from the TBAS which had the highest mean scores were utilized as the congruent attributes, team success (M=5.
The control group responded to the TBAS without any exposure to a brand extension, and thus provided a baseline measure of the participant's team brand associations.
Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was utilized to determine if there were differences in the TBAS dimensions based on the manipulation of the independent variable (brand extensions with varying degrees of typicality and association congruency) when compared to the control group.
54 was conducted to test the validity of the 11 TBAS dimensions in this experimental setting.