TBASTo Be Announced Securities (finance)
TBASThe Big Adventure Store (UK)
TBASTest of Basic Aviation Skills
TBASTampa Bay Aquarium Society (est. 1992; Tampa, FL)
TBASTchoukball Association of Singapore
TBASTreasury Board Accounting Standard (Canada)
TBASTravel Blog Assistant System
TBASTo Be Announced Soon
TBASTransaction-Based Authentication Scheme (mobile communication)
TBASTetrabutylammonium Sulfate
TBASTampa Book Arts Studio (Florida)
TBASTravel and Budget Analysis System
TBASTertiary Butylacrylamide Sulfonic Acid (dental materials)
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The police chiefs agreed on 10 key points which included beefing up security of vital installations and infrastructure in the TBAs, combing and intelligence-based operations, conversion of tribal and border areas to settled areas, reconciliation and mainstreaming of the population, rehabilitation and improvement of health and education facilities, establishment of riverine police force and posts, capacity building of police both in hardware and training, infrastructure development of roads and bridges, land reforms and action against qabza mafia and enhanced coordination among TBA stakeholders and intelligence sharing between agencies.
The investment portfolio at period end is calculated by summing the net carrying value of our Agency RMBS, any long positions in TBAs, Residential Investments, Commercial Investments, ABS Investments and our SFR portfolio, including securities and mortgage loans owned through investments in affiliates, exclusive of AG Arc LLC.
Adding the District Health Officer, Badin said that trained Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) deserved a high honor but unlucky the society was ignoring their role and denying their respect because of its poor mind set which cited to any annoying incidents of the society in future.
On the way, we had to branch to the house of a TBA for delivery" There were poor ambulance service and communication network in the study communities.
Hopler TBA 2015 Hopler Blaufrankisch Burgenland 2013 (PS12.95 Great Western Wines) Blaufrankisch is a relatively obscure variety used in central Europe.
Key informant interviews were held with eight people who had first-hand knowledge and involved obstetric fistula patients including family members, traditional birth attendants (TBAs) and health professionals including fistula consultant, MoH and fistula donor staffs, midwives, nurses, and policy makers.
Studies show that, in the rural and deprived communities in sub-Saharan Africa, TBAs constitute the greater number of childbirth care providers due to the unavailability of skilled birth attendants such as midwives, nurses, and doctors [4].
Merry Edwards, legendary Sonoma winemaker who crafts a beautiful sweet Sauvignon Blanc, explains her inspiration: "I have always been enamored with the great late-harvest wines of the world--the best Sauternes and Trockenbeerenauslese." The former is the famed sweet white of Bordeaux, the latter ("TBA" for short) the sweetest of the German whites, both made from grapes that have been infected with the ominous-sounding fungus Botrytis cinerea, or "noble rot." In the process of drying and shriveling the grapes, botrytis leaves behind rich honeyed flavors and a haunting minerality--qualities key to the reputations of both wines.
They should, as a short-term measure, supervise existing trained TBAs in their work.
TBAs assist in three-quarters of births, of which 12 percent are assisted by trained and other 64 percent by untrained TBAs [14].