TBATTo Be Able To
TBATTow Bushmaster Armored Turret
TBATTowed Buoy Antenna Trainer
TBATtetrabutylammonium triphenylsilyldifluorosilicate
TBATThunder Bay Adventure Trails (Ontario, Canada)
TBAT[not an acronym; formerly The Business Advice Team] (UK)
TBATTilling and British Automobile Traction (UK)
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"'Well, tbat's a boat-load of lunatics, sure," said the skipper, as he rang up the engine-room and tossed a bundle of newspapers into the schooner.
It might even be argued tbat the Harris story is not one of political bad behavior in the first place.
What P&G needed was a disciplined, holistic way to think about the organizational design for sourcing so tbat we would not make the same mistakes again.
It is now known tbat, while all fasciclin domain proteins contain at least one 15-kDa fasciclin binding domain, they may also contain a variety of other functional domains that lend diversity to their functions.
Compositional gradients in xenolith olivine adjacent to type 2 glass pools and jacket glass can be modelled as Fe-Mg interdiffusion profiles tbat indicate melt -- olivine contact times between 0.5 and 58 days.
In addition, every display case was locked and alarmed, and loading dock doors were bolstered with secondary latching devices tbat prevented the doors from opening inward.
This means tbat the proposed SSEC describes correctly the AC behavior of the MESFET for this bias point, where the drain current is not very high and the accumulation of carriers between the gate and the drain is not important.
The district court held that the detainee stated a cognizable civil rights complaint against the sheriff, and the detainee pled a cause of action under a state law that provided tbat a keeper of a jail must pay treble damages if he/she does any wrong or injury to detainee, and is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.
Results from early "Modern Portfolio Theory" (MPT) are recognized even in introductory economic literature such as Samuelson and Nordhaus (1995), who say about Sharpe's work tbat, "every good portfolio manager on Wall Street uses these techniques to bolster his or her intuition in choosing stocks and bonds."
Critics claimed tbat a sport involving firearms was an insult to the spirit of peace and friendship in which the Olympics were founded.