TBBThe Bloody Beetroots (band)
TBBTrierer Basketball (Germany)
TBBTaux de Base Bancaire (French: Base Rate; finance)
TBBTelecommunications Bonding Backbone
TBBThe Brothers Brick (blog)
TBBThrottle Body Boot
TBBTotal Bases on Balls (baseball statistic)
TBBTurkiye Bankalar Birligi
TBBTurkiye Barolar Birligi
TBBTriangle Brass Band (Research Triangle Park, NC)
TBBThe Bored Board (web forum)
TBBTo Backplane Buffer (Cisco)
TBBTotal Big Brother (fan website)
TBBTourismus Beratung Böttcher
TBBTuvai Bulletin Board
TBBThe Broad Board (website)
TBBTodd, Bennett and Blair (Mainframe Applications Consulting))
TBBThFox Big Boys (online community)
TBBThe Pirate Bay (website)
TBBTampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL team)
TBBThe Blood Brothers (band)
TBBThe Bridge Building (Hualalai Academy; Hawaii)
TBBThe Battle Begins
TBBTeenie Beanie Baby
TBBThe Brady Bunch
TBBTri-Band Beacon
TBBThe Bankers Bank (est. 1986)
TBBThe Big Bang (song)
TBBThe Blues Brothers
TBBTritanium Bulletin Board (computer forum)
TBBTransbronchial Biopsy
TBBTruck Blue Book (Overland Park, KS)
TBBThreading Building Blocks
TBBTampa Bay Ballet (Tampa Bay, FL)
TBBTo Be Billed
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The TBB has told banks that their Russian operations will not face sanctions from Moscow, citing information provided by DenizBank, the Turkish unit of Russia's Sberbank, two banking sources have said.
Muhammad Mutahir, member TBB asked the textbook writers to prepare model lessons keeping in view all the points discussed in the earlier session.
Recent in vitro evidence, however, suggested that TBB is metabolized to 2,3,4,5-tetrabromo-benzoic acid (TBBA) in human hepatic tissues, whereas TBPH appears to be recalcitrant to metabolism (Roberts et al.
Scotia slated TBB after taking over a building project from them, saying: "After a number of omissions and errors by the original designers, our sister company stepped in to redesign the entire structural aspects.
In the spring, the mean student scores showed significant increases from Scenario 1 to Scenario 2 in TAS subscales of TBB, t(671) = -8.
We were notified that an investigation has been launched into the improvised clinics that treated the protesters," said Osman Ozturk of the TBB.
Akhunzada said the credit for this goes to the TBB chairman and his energetic team.
The TBB CEO said Djankov had promised that Bulgaria will pay the EUR 6.
With this PPV derivative containing TBB defects used in a LED device, the lower charge mobility will result in a higher probability of additional conjugation breaks by the collapse of trans-vinylene double bonds.
Several excellent reviews of the challenges, strengths, and limitations of the TBB are available for the interested reader (3-19) and a recent overview is concisely presented by Churg.
Because TBB is recorded, and no one can vote them out, they don't waste talking time ingratiating themselves with anyone and everyone.
Tracey was determined to make the most of the whole TBB experience.