TBBCThailand Burma Border Consortium (UK charity)
TBBCTurtle Bay Beach Club (Kenya)
TBBCTabernacle Baptist Bible College (Virginia Beach, VA, USA)
TBBCTrinity Baptist Bible College (Arlington, TX)
TBBCTheydon Bois Baptist Church (Essex, England)
TBBCTrellis-Based Buffered Compression
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Thermal properties of PLA/ TBBC films were measured using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), DSC 204 FI, NETZSCH.
where [PHI] is the weight percentage of TBBC in the blends, [DELTA][H.
X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns of PLA/ TBBC blends were taken on a Philips X'pert Pro PW3040160, using flat plate geometry with Cu Ka radiation at 30 kV and 20 mA.
PLA/ TBBC blends weighed approximately 7 mg were placed in alumina crucibles and heated at a heating rate of 10[degrees]C [min.
1]-NMR) spectrum for the synthesized TBBC was recorded using a Bruker Advance 400 MHz spectrometer.
Table 2 shows the effect of different TBBC content on the weight-average molecular weight ([M.
In order to predict the miscibility between TBBC and PLA matrices, the solubility parameter ([delta]) of the materials is determined by calculation of their group contribution, according to the following equation:
0] represents the molecular mass, and F represents the group molar attraction constants according to the method of Hoy [26], The chemical groups of TBBC and the group molar attraction constants (F) are shown in Table 3.
TBBC is homogeneously plasticized among PLA, so these films exhibit high transparence similar to neat PLA and good flexibility.
In the second and third trimesters, women with low (<15%) and normal TBBC saturation did not differ with respect to any of the above indicators of vitamin [B.
12] concentrations <150 pmol/L, and ~70% had a TBBC saturation <15%.
12], 257 (226-292) 239 (212-268) (c) pmol/L Holo-haptocorrin, pmol/L 243 (212-275) 227 (194-259) TBBC, pmol/L 1216 (1152-1279) 1263 (1191-1335) UBBC, pmol/L 943 (872-1014) 1009 (940-1078) Apo-transcobalamin, pmol/L 833 (771-895) 878 (817-938) Apo-haptocorrin, (c) pmol/L 98 (79-127) 119 (102-139) Hb, g/L 132 (129-135) 125 (123-127) MCV, fL 90 (89-92) 91 (90-93) RBC count, x [10.