TBCCOThallium-Barium-Calcium-Copper Oxide (superconductivity)
TBCCOThe Bin Cleaning Co (UK)
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These material parameters are extracted for typical TBCCO material elsewhere[23] and are listed in Table 1.
Present-day TBCCO films have intermodulation products that often deviate from the expected 3:1 behavior at moderate power levels, exhibiting a slope closer to 2:1 that arises from the inclusion of higher order terms that have been ignored in this analysis.
The third family is Ti-Ba-Ca-Cu-O (TBCCO), which has many phases with high [T.sub.c]s; the highest is 125 K.
The 1223 phase of the TBCCO family is also showing promise at even higher temperatures.
STI used TBCCO films and AT&T employed YBCO films deposted on both sides of lanthanum aluminate substrates.