TBCPTalk Burst Control Protocol (telecommunications)
TBCPTagged Binary Communications Protocol
TBCPTuberculosis Control Program
TBCPTagged Binary Control Protocol
TBCPTasks of Basic Cognitive Processes (intelligence testing)
TBCPThyroxin-Binding Capacity of Protein (thyroid gland)
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The variables were defined in meetings with the local health team and city and state TBCP coordinators, based on the Individual Notification Card, DOT Follow-up File (yellow) and Monthly Progress Bulletin issued by TBWEB, a notification system specific for the state of Sao Paulo.
The desktop version can be accessed online by healthcare professionals and managers, allowing them to monitor treatment and assess the quality of the care provided, with an overview of the actions developed by the TBCP for TB control.
Inclusion criteria were: patients living in Ribeirao Preto, and followed by the TBCP in the selected district.
These include involvement of the TBCP team in designing the SISTB, direct generation of reports, a monthly compilation of the number of DOT visits, fewer record keeping tools to be filled out, analysis of the care provided by local healthcare professionals and management, identification of unreported TB patients.
Se seleccionaron los estudios que cumplieron los siguientes criterios: (1) ser un estudio con diseno de ensayo controlado aleatorizado; (2) estar publicado a texto completo en una revista cientifica con proceso de revision por iguales y estar escrito en ingles o espanol; (3) haber considerado pacientes adultos, con independencia del sexo u otras variables demograficas; (4) haber seleccionado pacientes con FM, tuvieran o no otras condiciones medicas y/o psicologicas comorbidas; y (5) haber incluido TCC-I o TBCP.
Se comparo el tamano del efecto de la TBCP y la TCC-I en las variables consideradas.
Estos fueron analizados a texto completo y tres fueron excluidos por presentar un diseno cuasiexperimental, siendo finalmente seleccionados para la revision sistematica (cualitativa) 11 estudios (cuatro de TCC-I y siete de TBCP).
En cambio los estudios de TBCP reclutaron en general muestras mayores (entre 33-128 pacientes) a traves de vias muy diversas (prensa, radio, webs, grupos de autoayuda, medicos, etc.), algunos no especificaron criterios ACR y ninguno contemplo el insomnio comorbido como criterio de inclusion.
Sin embargo, la mayoria de los estudios de TBCP utilizaron manuales basados principalmente en el texto de Kabat-Zinn (1990) para el PREBCP y el de Segal et al.
Extrapolating the study findings to TBCP case registration data (16) and to WHO estimates of the TB burden in SA, (1) conservative calculations indicate at least 6 000 MDR-TB cases in SA per year, confirming robust projections made previously (2,21,22) and supporting the contention that MDR-TB epidemiology should not be described by prevalence estimates alone, but should include underlying TB incidence and absolute numbers of MDR-TB cases.
Results from this study showed retreatment rates consistently higher than those reported in the TBCP. Since regimen choice depends on previous TB treatment history, a real risk exists for TB patients to be misclassified and consequently receive inappropriate treatment.
(23) Of great concern is the increased risk for MDR-TB posed by hospitalisation as identified in this study, suggesting noncompliance with TBCP policies and/or undetected nosocomial transmission of MDR-TB.