TBECTopology Based Event Correlation
TBECTampa Bay Etsy Crew (Tampa Bay, FL)
TBECTexas Business and Education Coalition
TBECTwin-Boom Expandable Crane (cargo handling)
TBECTablet Enteric Coated (medications)
TBECTotal Body Electrical Conductivity
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Desired amounts of MMA (100 mL), TBEC initiator (0.04 mol/L), and LHSs (0.95541 g) were weighed, placed into a beaker, and mixed during 80 min at 70[degrees]C.
One of the big advantages of TBEC is that it allows crews to conduct launch-and-recovery operations high above the waterline.
Led by Charles Duncan, an investment banker from Houston, TBEC in the early 1980s pulled together powerful CEOs and educators interested in reform.
Chaired by Charles Miller, another Houston-based money manager and a founder of TBEC, the center presented its report in 1993.
"When you last test kids at the 10th-grade level, you have not told them whether they are qualified to move past high school," says John Stevens, the executive director of TBEC.
The key to TBEC's ability to achieve its goals is the prestige of its members.
As TBEC promotional literature asserts, "a major aspect of education reform is to make a more effective connection between education and work - to bring business people into the schools and school people into businesses." It is likely that teachers and other educational professionals in the Lone Star State will find their workplace changed, not actually transformed, by the emergence of the Texas Business and Education Coalition.
TBEC successfully promoted performance-based education as a way of assessing the effectiveness of schools.
This initiative is part of TBEC's strategy for securing greater school accountability.
TBEC is equally pleased by the State Board of Education's adoption of the Recommended High School Program.
For the polymerization of pure PS, styrene monomer and initiator (TBEC at concentration of 2.9 mmol/L) were used, and for the nanocomposites production, besides these two compounds, LDH was used.