TBFSThe Boy from Space (UK educational childrens program)
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The TBFs, also called tribolayers or mechanical mixed layers, are third body materials which are different from the two-body grinding materials.
With the increase of temperature during the dry sliding process due to the friction heat, some damage appeared on the surface of TBFs. The integrity of the surface films was gradually destroyed and the TBFs became loose.
The first TBM-1 assembled by GM in Trenton, New Jersey, was delivered on November 12, 1942 (Grumman-made Avengers were labeled TBF, while GM's identical aircraft were TBM).
A 1,900-horsepower Wright R-2600-20 Cyclone 14-Cylinder radial engine pulled the TBF or TBM through the air.
In order to model this rooftop using the field expressions previously derived in this section, we represent the rooftop basis function with a number of TBFs that have the same maximum amplitude.
The first thematic block discusses the strategies of TBFs as focused on managing risks in R + D competition.
Now 92, the author saw a lot of action from his Grumman TBF Avenger, including Operation Leader in Norway while flying from USS Ranger (CV 4) in 1943.
TBFs of 16-26 indicated strong support for the model allowing movement in November and May (Table 5).
48 semi-structured telephone interviews (73 per cent response rate) with directors of technology-based firms (TBFs) who had raised CVC investment were carried out.
There were only two total brood failures (TBF) out of the 30 nests that hatched young, for a fledging rate of 93.3% for successful nests.