TBHPTert-Butyl Hydroperoxide
TBHPThe Black Heart Procession (band)
TBHPT-Butyl Hydrogen Peroxide (life sciences)
TBHPTertiary-Butyl Hydrogen Peroxide (biophysics)
TBHPThe Bronx Health Plan (New York)
TBHPThe Best Hacker Portal (Turkey)
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Not shown: p <0.0001 positive control (100 [micro]M TBHP) vs NPL treatment.
In development studies, DTBDS alone provided a ~44 % increase in fouling relative to base fuel and TBHP provided ~21% increase in fouling relative to base fuel.
TBHP and [H.sub.2][O.sub.2], both high and low fluences of UVA, can induce excessive ROS generation in corneal endothelial cells, leading to apoptosis and cell death.
To examine whether these extracts can protect mammalian cells from oxidative stress, cultures of a human mammary gland-derived epithelial cell line MCF-7 were treated with each extract prior to challenging them with tBHP. The intracellular ROS production was determined by the relative intensity of DCF fluorescence (Figure 2(a)).
Tert-butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP, oxidant), sodium formaldehyde sulphoxylate (SFS, reductant) are used as redox couple to initiate the polymerization process.
Entry Initiator Temperature Time Yield Intrinsic (mg) ([degrees]C) (h) (%) Viscosity (b) (dL [g.sup.-1]) 1 APS (400) 85 48 49 0.0934 2 TBHP (270) 85 48 61 0.101 (a.) Polymerization reactions were carried out in aqueous solution of monomer (20 mmol) (70 w/w% monomer) in the presence of ammonium persulfate (APS) or tertiary butyihydroperoxide (TBHP).
The epoxidation with TBHP and NaClO, H2O2/ Na2WO4aC/2H2O gave the enantioselectivity not more than 15% e.e.
Chemiluminiscence measurement was started by addition of 3 mM t-butylhydroperoxide (TBHP).
Racemic and S-LA were less effective than the R-isomer that was also protective in tertiary butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP)-damaged C6 glioma.