TBIRText Based Information Retrival (classifcation process)
TBIRTeton Basin Ice and Recreation (Victor, ID)
TBIRTissue to Blood Isotope Ratio
TBIRTraumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation
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In TBIR systems, a user provides a query in terms of a keyword and the system will return images similar to the query [3].
In order to overcome the limitations enjoined by TBIR systems, CBIR was developed as an alternative.
Human interaction is the major difference between CBIR and TBIR systems.
Although there are several progresses have been made to TBIR techniques.
In this paper we introduced a survey of the Text-Based Image Retrieval (TBIR) and the Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR).
TBIR = ([[mu].sub.T] - [[mu].sub.B])/[([[sigma].sub.T] [[sigma].sub.B]).sup.1/2] (4)
Based on TIR and TBIR, two new measures: TIR squared ([TIR.sup.2]) and TBIR squared ([TBIR.sup.2]) are developed respectively in [22].
The main difference between CBIR and TBIR systems is that the human interaction is an important part of the latter system.