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TBJTrial by Jury
TBJToronto Blue Jays (Major League baseball team)
TBJTriangle Business Journal (Raleigh News; Raleigh, NC)
TBJThe Book of Judges (gaming clan)
TBJTemple B'nai Jeshurun (Short Hills, NJ; est. 1848)
TBJTransistor Bipolar de Juntura (Spanish: Bipolar Junction Transistor)
TBJTerrain Bounce Jamming
TBJTurbulent Bounded Jet
TBJThe Business Journal of Southern Kentucky (Bowling Green, KY)
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Sumsel is ultimately majority-owned by PT Dian Swastatika Sentosa TBJ.
Los materiales de la TBJ estan conformados por depositos piroclasticos de caida, flujos piroclasticos (ignimbritas) y depositos de oleadas piroclasticas (surge).
TBJ is composed by fall, surge, ash flows and pyroclastic flows deposits.
Since the opening of Atlantis, The Pam Dubai, Sascha has overseen the implementation and opening of 6 new restaurants namely TBJ (The Burger Joint), Asia Republic, Asateer (the Ramadan Tent), the new Imperial Club Lounge, the new Food Court at Aquaventure Water park (which features 6 dining concepts) and Yuan, the ultra-modern Chinese Restaurant opening in October 2013.
The one at St Jean de Monts tbJ stretches for five miles and is used for everything from kite-surfing, sand yachting to hosting huge beach football tournaments.
Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBJ), a leading jeweller, has seen a more than two-fold increase in its share price in the last two months.
2001 "Volcanism, ecology and culture: A reassessment of the Volcano Ilopango TBJ eruption in the southern Maya realm", Latin American Antiquity 12(1):25-44.
TBJ The book that has inspired me recently is a novel written in French by an Afghan: Syngue Sabour, by Atiq Rahimi (2008).
The methodological quality of all included studies was assessed independently by two reviewers (TBJ and RG) using the 5-point Jadad score (Jadad et al., 1996).
Frankly, by this point, I secretly thought the more appropriate name for his company (instead of the real one, which will remain anonymous) was 'The Big Jerk Electric,' or TBJ. But this seemed immature, so don't tell anyone.
The AVX tantalum product line for high reliability applications consists of TAZ, TBJ and CWR Series.
The CWRO9 TAZ series provides eight case sizes to cover the full capacitance/voltage range, while the CWR11 TBJ series is designed to EIA standard sizes.