TBLBTransbronchial Lung Biopsy (medical)
TBLBTalking Book Library for the Blind (various locations)
TBLBTime-Based Load Balancing
TBLBToken Bank Leaky Bucket (computer networking)
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In present study, TBLB was performed in 11 patients only (i.
In NS, 67% of the cases are diagnosed based upon examination of relatively small biopsy specimens, with TBLB being the most prevalent of the biopsy procedures in that group.
30 Bronchoscopy Sputum + TBLB Table--7: Final Diagnosis by Bronchoscopic Procedures (n-33) No.
BAL was performed in 33 patients, bronchial washing in three and TBLB in five.
This study suggests that flexible bronchoscopy, with or without BAL or TBLB, is useful clinically and can be performed relatively safely even in ventilator-dependent patients with severe thrombocytopenia (platelet count <50,000 /[micro]l).
Finding of hydatid in specific staining such as Giemsa staining, methylene amine blue staining, and Gomori Daya hexamine silver staining in sputum smear, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid smear, or TBLB specimen can be used as the basis of diagnosis.
The patient was diagnosed as lung adenocarcinoma by TBLB examination.
Only sarcoidosis (by TBLB in some cases) showed less percentage (5.
Current study has dealt all the ILD cases with thorough clinical and radiological evaluation and only where ever necessary TBLB sarcoidosis) done, and profiling of the types done.
Specifically, we considered the biases of surgical-related characteristics, including the major lymph node stations sampled, the sizes of lymph nodes sampled by TBNA, the number of lymph nodes sampled by TBNA, the number of passes made using TBNA, the sample number for TBLB, the locations of TBLB, and the sample number for endobronchial biopsy (EBB).
Fiber optic bronchoscopy with BAL or TBLB may substantiate specific diagnosis in some patients (eg-sarcodosis, LCG, LAM.
AFOP patients in our reports were all pathologically diagnosed using TNB and TBLB and no patients received open-lung biopsy; however, four of these patients underwent TBLB and TNB successively, and results were exhibited stably as AFOP despite different sampling biopsy methods [Figure 1].