TBMCTemple Bar Music Centre (Ireland)
TBMCThe Business Mortgage Company
TBMCTotal Bone Mineral Content
TBMCThe Blue Monkey Cult
TBMCTampa Bay Magic Club, Inc.
TBMCTécnica de Baermann Modificado en Copa
TBMCTissue Bank Management Committee
TBMCTetraparental Bone Marrow Chimeras
TBMCThought Balloon Mushroom Cloud (M.C. Paul Barman album)
TBMCTwin Buttes Manufacturing Company
TBMCTheo Biedermann Management Consulting
TBMCTotal Body Myeloma Cell (count)
TBMCThe Beatles Music Club
TBMCTreasury Bond Margin Contract
TBMCTony Ballinger Music Club
TBMCTechnology Business Management Course
TBMCTurkish Base Maintenance Contract
TBMCTrauma-Based Mind Control
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a We expect these new products, which are available exclusively via TBMC, to be popular with landlords looking for a buy-to-let mortgage up to 80% LTV.
MANOVA was conducted to examine differences in physical characteristics, dietary calcium intake, calcium knowledge, TBMC and TBMD, and KPAS scores between participants meeting and not meeting the DRI for calcium.
Age, height, weight, body mass index, fat mass, fat-free mass, TBMC and TBMD, dietary calcium intake, and KPAS scores are reported in Table 1.
Associations among Calcium Knowledge, Dietary Calcium Intake, TBMC and TBMD
Table 2 presents Pearson correlation coefficients for associations among calcium knowledge, dietary calcium intake, TBMC and TBMD, FM and FFM, and KPAS scores.
Results revealed a significant negative correlation between calcium knowledge and TBMC and TBMD.
Multivariate analysis of variance was conducted to examine differences in calcium knowledge score, TBMC and TBMD, fat mass and fat-free mass, and KPAS scores between participants meeting and not meeting the DRI for calcium revealed a significant multivariate effect, F (14, 27) = 4.