TBMCSTheater Battle Management Core Systems (US DoD)
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Lockheed Martin is commemorating 20 years of supporting TBMCS. Operationally deployed in 2000, TBMCS is used by all air wings of the United States military to plan and execute airborne missions, maintain automated airspace deconfliction, and enable synchronized air battle management.
(61.) TBMCS Version 1.1 is to be fielded by the USAF in mid-1999.
The TBMCS integrates previously discrete applications, such as force and unit-level operations and intelligence systems, into a common core TBMCS systems environment that will provide users with an integrated C2 for carrying out air campaigns.
"Lockheed Martin has been privileged to be part of the TBMCS team for the past 20 years," said Dr.
The planner successfully passed the most rigorous test environment that TBMCS had seen in several years.
Evaluation of Stovepiped Execution Systems IT Access- Data Integrity Applic- SYSTEM ibility ability High ALL ARMS Unknown Timeliness/Unknown MAJCOMs Accuracy High ACC, ANG, PEX Unknown Timeliness/Unknown AFSOC Accuracy High GDSS * Good Timeliness/Unknown AMC Accuracy High TIMS/GTIMS Unknown Timeliness/Unknown AETC Accuracy TBMCS Unknown Unknown AORO Operations * GDSS Feeds Data to G081
In a third area, the Red Cell team mimicked opposition forces and provided specialized support, such as the Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS) and Global Command and Control System--Maritime.
The JASMAD will be an airspace management and deconfliction application designed to replace the airspace deconfliction system (ADS) module within the theater battle management core system (TBMCS) of the Falconer AOC.
The final session will address "Battle Management Integration." Briefings will include Air Force Constellation Command and Control (TBMCS, Paul Revere, MC2A/E-10A, 601st C2 Test Squadron, GCCS); Navy FORCEnet (Harry Buffalo); Army Future Combat Systems; and the Global Information Grid.
This paid dividends during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom as the Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS) made its wartime debut.
The US Air Force was a leading player in this effort and has since expanded the concept further into the $350 million Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS) being developed by Lockheed Martin.
Emergent currently supports the Air Force at Nellis with Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS) system administration, network integration and configuration control, TBMCS database management, communications engineering and integration, video engineering, design and integration, datalink support, test and evaluation support, and exercise planning and execution support to the test and training environment.