TBMETransactions on Biomedical Engineering (IEEE)
TBMETert-Butyl Methyl Ether (chemical compound)
TBMETransient Bone Marrow Edema
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Elution of bosentan was performed using a Sample Card and Prep DBS System by means of MeOH/[H.sub.2]O (50:50, v/v) [70, 71] or simultaneously with ambrisentan in a standard assay with 400 [micro]L [H.sub.2]O and 4 mL of TBME [72].
We presented a case of a 47-year-old male patient who presented with 4 recurrent attacks of TBME in both knees within one-year period associated with vitamin D deficiency and systemic low bone mineral density.
The number of published cases of TBME of the knee that underwent DXA scan screening for systemic osteoporosis is limited.
Many theories have been proposed for the underlying cause of TBME. Ischemic insult is hypothesized as an underlying cause for an early or mild form of osteonecrosis presented as TBME.
Due to histological similarities between TBME and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), some authors believe that TBME is a nontraumatic form of CRPS [14]; however, differences in clinical and radiological findings disapprove this hypothesis.
The association of TBME and reduced systemic bone mineral density is reported in few of the cases.
The prevalence of TBME is underestimated due to many reasons: the nonspecificity of clinical presentation, the short duration of the illness, good prognosis with over-thecounter pain killer, and limited access to MRI, all lead to underestimate the prevalence and less case identification to be enrolled in the controlled study.
The link between vitamin D deficiency and TBME is debatable.