TBMMTurkiye Buyuk Millet Meclisi (Turkish Grand National Assembly/Parliament)
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The article states that the Grand National Assembly may decide for the renewal of elections with a three-fifths (3/5) majority of parliamentary members, and that the TBMM and presidential elections are to be held simultaneously.
With this arrangement, both the president and the TBMM have the power to renew elections.
If deemed necessary, a decision may be taken to bring the president before the Supreme Court, which shall require a secret ballot by two-thirds of the total number of members in the TBMM.
If both vice-presidents and ministers are appointed from among TBMM members, their tenures as parliamentary representatives come to an end.
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44) Antlasmaya Turkiye'nin istiraki hakkinda 1/282 numarali kanun layihasi ve Hariciye Encumeni Mazbatasi 18 Kasim 1928'de TBMM Yuksek Reisligine sunuldu.
The number of the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors members shall be lowered from 22 to 13, four appointed by the president and seven by the TBMM.
According to the amendment package, the TBMM can call for an early election with the support of 360 deputies.
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Although we, as the members TBMM Human Rights Commission, had previously visited the refugee camps on Turkey's Syrian border and conducted research regarding the problems of the refugees, for the past three months the commission has not worked at all," Doy-ru stated.