TBMNThenar Branch of the Median Nerve
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Los resultados con la TBMN se analizaron en un modelo de regresion lineal multiple (Kaps y Lamberson 2004), revisando que se cumplieran con los supuestos del modelo.
Determinacion del valor de la EDA de la glicerina cruda por la TBMN
El valor de energia digestible de la glicerina cruda determinado con la TBMN en el presente trabajo fue similar al valor de 3305 kcal/kg determinado en cerdos en crecimiento por el metodo de colecta total de heces para glicerina parcialmente refinada (86,76%) obtenida de aceite de colza (Kovacs et al.
A few studies have been done to find the cause of TBMN in the Caucasian populations (8-16).
In this study, genetic analysis of the COL4A4 gene was done in Korean patients to find the cause of TBMN by direct sequencing analysis and to correlate these mutations with clinical features.
Patients: Forty five unrelated patients with TBMN (29 males and 16 females) with a mean age of 30 yr (range 17 to 62 yr) were recruited consecutively from January 2002 to January 2007 from the Department of Nephrology, Kyungpook National University Hospital, Daegu in Korea.
The diagnosis of TBMN first and foremost requires the demonstration of diffusely thin GBMs by EM.
We have applied a modification of the direct measurement/ arithmetic mean method to measure GBMthickness in our laboratory, and in addition we used this method to establish normal ranges of GBM thickness for adult males and females and to estimate the frequency of incidental TBMN in our renal biopsy population.
(30-33) Excluding biopsies performed specifically because of hematuria and those with immunoglobulin (Ig) A nephropathy (which is known to be frequently associated with thin GBMs (34,35)), diabetic nephropathy (which is associated with GBM thickening (36)), and Alport syndrome, we found the frequency of incidentally discovered TBMN in our biopsy population to be 0.9%.
The GBM was measured in all cases using the method of harmonic mean of orthogonal intercepts.[11] A measurement of less than 264 nm was required to make a diagnosis of TBMN.[2]
Electron microscopy cannot discriminate between TBMN and AS in patients in whom only a diffusely thin GBM with minimal alterations of the lamina densa is found.
It is likely that these patients have TBMN. Of these 4 patients, 2 reported a family history of hematuria.