TBNCThames Barrier Navigation Centre (UK)
TBNCTrigeminal Brainstem Nuclear Complex (neuroscience)
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TBNC tends to be aggressive and often recurs after chemotherapy.
TBNC has high levels of the protein, known as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).
0001 Nonlimiting N TBDM TBNA TBNC g DM mg N g N Genotypes [plant.
Genotypes did not significantly differ in FNC and TBNC under limiting and nonlimiting N, although some genotypes tended to have similar characteristics to those reported in previous studies (Tables 2 and 3).
A negative correlation between TBDM and TBNC was also illustrated by N- with a low TBDM and a high TBNC, and 1263 with a high TBDM and a low TBNC.
Under limiting N, however, no significant variability of FNA and TBNA was found because, for most of the genotypes, the FDM or TBDM values were negatively correlated with the FNC or TBNC values such that the decrease in N concentration was compensated by an increase in biomass DM yield.