TBODTeddy Bear Of Death
TBODTibetan Book of the Dead (funerary text)
TBODThe Book of Dust (Phillip Pullman novel)
TBODThe Bunnies of Doom (gaming clan)
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where I[R.sub.t] is the infiltration rate at time, t (cm/day), tBOD is the cumulative density loadings (kg/[m.sup.2]) of total BOD (carbonaceous BOD and nitrogenous BOD), and TSS is total suspended solids (kg/[m.sup.2]).
As a result of changes, the plant reduced effluent total biochemical oxygen demand (TBOD) loadings by 40 percent and ammonia by 90 percent during the 16-month demonstration period.
Mycotoxins, toxic compounds produced by fungi pose a significant contamination risk ill both animal food and tbods for human consumption.