TBOTToronto Board of Trade
TBOTTraditional Bowhunters of Texas (Spring, TX)
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In conclusion, silicone/titania hybrid sols were synthesized by sol-gel condensation reaction of DPS, Q2TMS, and TBOT.
After the raw materials were mixed well, the predetermined amount of TBOT (500 ppm) as catalyst was added to the flask.
30% TBOT show fracture mainly through the matrix, as the dispersed phase appears to be covered with the matrix material.
Some cavitation occurs in the 30/70 wt% A950/Rodrun without the presence of TBOT catalyst.
NMR analysis of the extracts from 30/70/x Vectra A950/Rodrun/TBOT blends show very little difference in aliphaticity between the extract and neat Rodrun in the absence of TBOT catalyst [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 10 OMITTED].
However, the TBOT catalyzed blends display enhanced peaks of ethylene and terephthalate as well the DEG, again originating from the ET block of the p(ET/HBA) [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED].
The TBOT catalyst is used to enhance the adhesion between the dispersed TLCP phase and the polycarbonate.