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TBPSTera Bits per Second
TBPSThatcher Brook Primary School (Vermont)
TBPSTerabyte per Second
TBPSTera-Bits Per Second
TBPSThunder Bay Police Service (Ontario, Canada; est. 1970)
TBPSTop Bet Placement Services (UK)
TBPSTotal Behavior Problem Score (psychology)
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Using this prototype circuit, they succeeded in an experiment to simultaneously convert optical polarization division multiplexed optical signals exceeding 1 Tbps.
1 clearly indicated that the sorption capacities of the adsorbents towards Cu (II) are in the order SDS TBPs (91.
56 Tbps and will include connectivity with China, if regulations permit.
Pluris' 20000 TNR terabit network router uses a fiber-optic-based distributed switching fabric to support up to 184 Tbps of aggregate switching throughput within a single system.
Despite the high figure, Globe noted it could only use 'less than' 3 Tbps, or just 19 percent of the available figure.
8 Tbps using 100-Gbps technology, which supports high-capacity networks.
Moreover, thanks to its small footprint, 88 muxponders can be placed in a 44RU rack, bringing the total capacity to over 35 Tbps per rack.
Radisys' T-100 Platforms leverage the newest virtualized COTS processor technology with the latest 100G optical interfaces, to provide up to 2+ Tbps platform throughput with telco-grade reliability.
The value of 14 Tbps (111 Gbps x 140 ch) greatly exceeds the current record of about 10 Tbps and so claims the record of the world's largest transmission capacity.
having described TBPS in his literature as "CRITICAL to our continued success", now appears to have reconsidered the
According to the Index, Interconnection Bandwidth is expected to grow at a 45 percent CAGR to reach 5,000 Tbps by 2020, dwarfing Global IP traffic in both growth (24 percent) and volume (855 Tbps)1.
The TX Matrix Plus architecture is designed to support up to 25 Tbps of capacity by integrating up to sixteen T1600s into a single multi-chassis routing node.