TBqTerabecquerel (SI)
TBqTeen Bible Quiz
TBqTaxonomy Based Questionnaire
TBqTu Bene Quiescas (Latin: May Your Rest Well, epigraphy)
TBqTert-Butyl Quinone (human biology)
TBqTick-Box Questionnaire
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The total initial activity of the sources was 2.127 TBq (57.494 Ci) (18 August 2011).
On 14 December 2005, a serious radiological accident occurred at a cellulose plant under construction in Chile when a radioactive source containing [sup.192]Ir (3.33 TBq activity) fell out of a gammagraphy equipment unnoticed (36).
where [[pi].sub.t], refers to the probability of observing significant underfunding of a pension at time t, and Controls refers to variables such as firm size (Size), pension benefit obligations by total assets (PBO/TA), previous years of underfunding (Prev_Ufund_Yrs), Tobin's Q (TBQ), Leverage (Leverage), Free Cash Flow divided by Total Assets (FCF/TA), and Year Dummies to capture time-specific effects.
Thirty-eight teachers completed TBQ and TPQ at the beginning and end of the year.
Five valid and reliable research instruments (Science Achievement Test (SAT); Student Attitude to Science Inventory (SATSI); Teacher Background Questionnaire (TBQ); Science Laboratory Inventory (SLI); and Classroom Interaction Sheet (CIS)) were utilised to collect data on the status of resources, teachers' instructional patterns, students' attitude to science and achievement in biology, chemistry and physics.
Sauer & Sohn, Suhl), "eeo" (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitions-fabriken [DWM]), "kxs" (Schricker & Co., Furth-Vach, bei Numberg), "qve" (Berlin-Lubecker Maschinenfabrik, Lubeck), "swp" (Waffenwerke Brunn AG, Brno, Czechoslovakia), and "tbq" (presumed to be Rheinmetall, Unterluss).
Peer reports correlated with teacher ratings on the Teacher Behavior Questionnaire (TBQ; Catron & Weiss, 1994), r = .49.
(5.) Martins TBQ. Concepcoes de morte e estrategias de enfrentamento: um estudo com criancas de 6 a 10 anos com e sem experiencia de perda por morte recente (Mestrado em Psicologia).
The therapy level beam irradiator (B024) is a 500 TBq (13.5 kCi) [.sup.60]Co source (reference date: November 24, 1999) shielded by approximately 23 cm (9 inches) of lead.
Table 1 contains the quantiles for the two performance measures: Tobin's Q (TBQ) and return on equity (ROE).
Participants completed three measures; a student demographic questionnaire, the NEO Five-Factor Inventory, and the Teacher Beliefs Q-sort (TBQ).