TBTBTo Be the Best
TBTBTheater by the Blind (New York, NY)
TBTBThe Powers That Be
TBTBThe Bold and The Beautiful (US soap opera)
TBTBThe Bunny the Bear (band)
TBTBThem Bones Them Bones (Xena: Warrior Princess episode)
TBTBTaken by the Best
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Regulators coined a new phrase in 1984 when they judged Continental Illinois, with $40 billion in assets, "too big to fail." As the aggregation of numerous TBTF institutions, Bank of America is now TBTB.
But when the next crisis introduces taxpayers to TBTB institutions, the point will be moot.
Unlike many other companies looking to advance performers with disabilities, TBTB has always been (and will always be) an integrated company, mixing artists of all abilities and disabilities in their work--including artists, writers, and administrators without disabilities.
* TBTB was founded in 1979 as Theater by the Blind, making it one of the oldest theatre companies in this country dedicated to advancing the work of professional artists with disabilities.
"Theatre companies don't want to work with disabled actors; they would rather hire an able-bodied actor to play disabled," says Nicholas Viselli, artistic director of TBTB. Instead, Viselli says, "They might hire a disabled person to show that actor how to play disabled," a practice he calls "wrong on all levels."
But Viselli of TBTB says that after working with both actors with disabilities and nondisabled actors for many years, there should be no qualitative difference.