TBTOTidewater Big Train Operators (est. 1985)
TBTOBis-Tri-Butyl Tin Oxide
TBTOTemporary Bridge and Tunnel Officer (Metropolitan Transportation Authority)
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The label indicated that this product contained 25% bis(tributyltin) oxide (TBTO) as its only active ingredient.
The air sample from the second bedroom contained 0.002 mg/m[sup.3] of TBTO as tin.(*)
Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Activity, Div of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects, Center for Environmental Health and Injury Control, CDC Editorial Note: TBTO is a fungicide manufactured for use in exterior paints and is the active biocide in at least two widely available commercial paint fungicides.
In animal studies, a variety of toxic responses have been associated with exposure to TBTO. Dietary exposure of experimental animals to the chemical has resulted in weight loss, immunosuppression, and microcytic anemia (Z3).
family in Wisconsin are consistent with the acute effects associated with exposure to TBTO. However, because the air sample was collected following partial remediation, the actual level of exposure may have been underestimated.
The consumer product label on a second fungicide, which also contained 25% TBTO, indicated that the product could be used in interior and exterior paints; the MSDS for this product states that it is safe for use in indoor paints if mixed according to directions.
In February 1988, the Washington Department of Health issued a health advisory against using TBTO in interior paint, based on its investigation of six incidents of illness among persons who painted one or more walls with interior paint to which this fungicide had been added (Washington Department of Health, unpublished data).