TBTUTrillion British Thermal Units
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Since the start of the agency's TBTU campaign and anti-colorum operations in 2017, I-ACT has flagged down a total of 3,205 vehicles.
The operations team from I-ACT netted 57 violators for smoke-belching and 35 others for various violations of the TBTU campaign.
San Mateo said that the administration's TBTU campaign should be blamed for the increasing number of stranded passengers, which he said is reaching the thousands.
I-ACT will deploy more city buses as an alternative mode of transportation for commuters that might be stranded due to the TBTU campaign.
Fuel Measured in TBTU (BTU x [10.sup.12]).(23) These are calculated from heat efficiencies recorded in HPC for US plants.
The total estimated annual building heating and cooling demand were 1.4 GWh (4.8 TBtu) and 1.3 GWh (4.4 TBtu) respectively.
30-Year Total Energy Input, Cost and C[O.sub.2] Emissions for Conventional and Current Systems Conventional System Energy Input 57 GWh / 194.5 TBtu Cost [pounds sterling] 3.69 m C[O.sub.2] 13,106 t / 14,450 ton Current System Energy Input 31.5 GWh /107.5 TBtu Cost [pounds sterling] 4.36 m C[O.sub.2] 12,649 t / 13,946 ton Difference Energy Input -25.5 GWh / 87 TBtu (-44.7 %) Cost [pounds sterling] 0.67 m (+18%) C[O.sub.2] -457 t / -503 ton (-3.5 %)
Similarly, PT Pertamina EP signed a 2-year contract worth US$ 284.48 million with PKC, Karawang, and West Java for 3.65 TBTU of gas starting 2010.
If 50% of these heaters were IWHs or CIWHs, approximately 13.3 TBtu (1400 TJ) would be saved per year.
In 2009, altogether there were 21 contracts for gas and LPG sales and purchase contract between domestic suppliers and buyers, The contracts include four for 100 TBTU and 1 million metric tons of LPG.