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TBUTTear Break-Up Time (eye teardrop testing)
TBUTTheft by Unlawful Taking
TBUTTear Break-Up Test (eye teardrop test)
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a) It is a one-position keratometer b) It is a two-position keratometer c) It can be used to measure tear break-up time (TBUT) d) It can be used to measure irregular astigmatism
The difference was compared between two groups, including age, gender, conjunctival and corneal fluorescein staining, TBUT, Schirmer I test, conjunctival congestion, papillary and follicular hyperplasia, secretions, corneal nerve fibers and the number of local lymphocyte, and dry eye severity (dry eye grading).
TBut an academic was reminded of amazing scenes which happened in Birmingham more than an century ago - when a lion went on the loose.
TBut university boffin John Hyatt believes that these tiny winged creatures are, in fact, fairies.
"It's n ' ot one of the inicests bjubjectsb tbut then it would not be a nicething to leave v the familyw l ith ahefty f bill.
TBut out on the open road, this one is hard to live with because of the tough 4x4 suspension needed to keep them going in the rough stuff - which, incidentally, they are more than capable of handling.
Tear film breakup time (TBUT) and symptom scores also showed improvement compared with traditional therapies [9-11].
TBut it took a summer holiday expedition gone wrong, which ended with them crash-landing through our atmosphere, for them to unearth their musical talents.
TBut as an older, wiser person told me once, it's not bragging if you can really do it.