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TBVThe Black Vault
TBVTürk Böbrek Vakfi (Turkish: Turkish Kidney Foundation)
TBVTen Behoeve Van (Dutch)
TBVTelevision Blong Vanuatu (Port Vila, Vanuatu)
TBVTotal Blood Volume
TBVTo Be Verified
TBVTangible Book Value
TBVTrust But Verify
TBVTotal Brain Volume
TBVTransmission-Blocking Vaccines
TBVTransaction-Based Verification
TBVTurn- und Ballspielverein (German handball team)
TBVTrout Brook Valley (Connecticut nature preserve)
TBVTurbine Bypass Valve
TBVTaken Bevoegdheden Verantwoordelijkheden (Dutch)
TBVTexas Border Volunteers (Waxahachie, TX)
TBVThe Big Valley (US TV show; 1965-1969)
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The exchange ratio will be subject to adjustment prior to closing, as described in the Agreement, in order to ensure that the aggregate value of the consideration is not less than 115% and not more than 125% of March 31 TBV.
Whilst the absolute effect on brain measures was relatively small, the magnitude of the protective effect of consuming at least 5 recommended MeDi food components on TBV was comparable to that of 5 years of increasing age.
Os valores das constantes k e w resultantes da aplicacao dos coeficientes de correlacao entre a TF, VB e TBV, nas formulas utilizadas, estao apresentados na Tabela 1.
The obtained results proved its usefulness in further application of this part of genome for designing a regional TBV.
We compared the selection responses of the TBV, EBV, and PH schemes of the Hanwoo breeding program (CHPPT, MHPPT, and SHPT).
9 HBV DNA suppression 1-year HBeAg ~30% ~20% (30%-50%) seroconversion (>1 year) HBsAg loss year 1 3%-4% 0%-3% (3%-5%) (year 2) Resistance None LAM > TBV, ADV > ETV, TDF ADV, adefovir; ETV, entecavir; HBeAg, hepatitis B e antigen; HBsAg, hepatitis B surface antigen; HBV, hepatitis B virus; LAM, lamivudine; TBV, telbivudine; TDF, tenofovir.
Unlike vaccines against the other stages of the parasite, antibodies elicited by TBV kill the parasite outside the person immunized.
The car, which had the registration LY02 TBV, and was driven by a getaway driver, sped off towards Longfellow Road, Stoke.
In its comments, the Institute stated that the new alternative for determining the TBV of foreign and domestic assets would decrease complexity and provide greater certainty for both taxpayers and the government.
TBV Power, Tarmac's specialist power business, and its partner international construction group, Foster Wheeler of Finland, will build a 150 MW coaired station for AES Electric, part of the AES Corporation of the US.
Aside from a variety of Minifix products, the Hafele Berlin factory also produces the popular Rafix, Rasant, Solo and TBV connectors plus GS miter hinges for doors and shutters.
a) A higher MeDi score was associated with larger TBV, TWMV and TGMV