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TBWTotal Bytes Written (computing)
TBWTerabytes Written (computer storage)
TBWTotal Body Water
TBWThermo Balanced Writing
TBWThrottle by Wire
TBWTaylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp. (Orlando, FL)
TBWThrowback Wednesday
TBWTotal Body Weight
TBWTo Be Written
TBWThe Big Wheel
TBWThe Bridge World (est. 1929; magazine)
TBWTotal Body Workout
TBWTambov (Russia)
TBWTo Begin With (Internet slang)
TBWThat Bloody Woman (Margaret Thatcher slang; UK)
TBWThe Balance Wheel
TBWThrottle by Wire (motorcycles)
TBWTo Be Watched
TBWThe Beauty Works (UK)
TBWTheBabyWearer.com (website; est. 2003)
TBWThe Bionic Woman (TV series)
TBWTalking Book World
TBWTossed by Wave (medical slang)
TBWThe Beggars' Way (band)
TBWTension Band Wiring (orthopedic surgery)
TBWThe Business Workshop (India)
TBWTime-Bandwidth Product
TBWThe Beauty Within
TBWThe Broken West (band)
TBWTired But Wired (Tom Clancy)
TBWThe Beer Warriors (gaming community)
TBWTo Be Wife
TBWThe Breaking Wheel (Guitar Hero song)
TBWThe Bra Whisperer
TBWTall Beautiful Woman
TBWTwo Bits Worth (University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Lafayette, LA)
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There were no significant differences between the mean values of body fat, lean body mass, TBW, ICW, BFMI and FFMI, but the mean values of DLW (P=0.048), ECW (P=0.045), BCM (P=0.021) and BMR were significantly different between uremic patients and healthy control participants.
The TBW was 0.37, which is smaller than that (0.43 to 0.75) reported in other studies (Koch et al., 1982; Gregory et al., 1995; Shackelford et al., 1995; Morris et al., 1999; Rios-Utrera et al., 2005; Pabiou et al., 2009).
found a significant positive correlation between %BF measured by DXA, TBW and the total amount of potassium measuring.
There was no main effect of PPARG genotypes on dependent variables, although five significant genotype x training interactions (for tissue impedance, fat mass percentage, fat mass, FFM, and TBW) were observed (Table 1), and after post hoc Tukey test four of them (for tissue impedance, fat mass percentage, fat mass, and FFM) remained statistically significant (Figures 1,2,3, and 4).
While a higher validity is expected with the measurement of more components, there is an associated propagation of measurement errors with the determination of body density (or volume), TBW, and bone mineral.
The aim of this study was to compare the outcome of cerclage wiring (CW) versus Tension Band Wiring (TBW) for treatment of displaced fractures of the patella.
RESULTS: Old females had significantly more fat, greater truncal skinfolds and circumferences, and significantly less fat-free body mass (FFM), total body potassium (TBK), total body water (TBW), and bone mineral than did their young matched counterparts.
Mean values of the monitored parameters of Trial 1--3 Trial BW (kg) BF (%) BF (kg) TBW (%) TBW (kg) M [+ or M [+ or M [+ or M [+ or M [+ or -] SD -] SD -] SD -] SD -] SD 1.
tBw Yesterday, up to 300 people took part in the march organised by the Henry Joy McCracken Flute Band, accompanied by up to 100 supporters.
The fraud scheme resulted in the failure of TBW and Colonial Bank.